My name is Chris, and I live in the Baltimore neighborhood of Remington. I am interested in (far too) many things, but primarily infrastructure – particularly urban stormwater management, pedestrian, transit, bicycle, and the intersections thereof.

Sidewalk Perspective means, literally, that I walk a lot around Baltimore and other places. I do not own a car. I get around mostly by bike, bus, and train – and, yes, the occasional rental car, cab, or ride from girlfriend/family/friend.

Sidewalk Perspective also means the opposite of Windshield Perspective, or the dismissive solipsism often found in people who spend too much time in automobiles.

Walking is the most fundamental form of human transportation. We were here first.

I believe in pedestrian access and safety. I believe in the power of good transit to lower carbon emissions and encourage more sustainable development. I believe in the power of The Grid. I believe in local production and purchasing. I believe in cycling as a revolutionary act of mobility and self-improvement in the face of the automobile’s often-destructive power.